5 things we learnt this week: Raab is losing the battle for Tory leader, but he won’t be giving up

Here is what we learnt about Raab in the week of the leadership campaign launch.

Raab has spent most of his political career as a nobody. He’s no Gove, Hunt and definitely not a Johnson.

Raab hasn’t held any of the big offices of state. Why? Well, Cameron wouldn’t let a Brextremist anywhere near the levers of power.

But this week people started to get to know the self-proclaimed Brexit pirate and they REALLY don’t like what they see.

Crucially for Tories, he isn’t viewed as uniting force within the Party (which Hunt, possibly could be).

But what have we learnt this week….

1) Raab is down, but he is still playing to win

The week of 3-7 June were a complete disaster for Raab.

His hardline plan to prorogue / suspend Parliament, bring in the Queen, and drive through a WTO No-Deal hasn’t gone down at all well.

Raab isn’t backtracking and has double downed on this CRAZY idea.

To his right, he is being out gunned by the equally hardline and Thatcherite McVey.  He was even overtaken by the geekyand funny Rory Stewart – who is in the race just for the LOLs.

Raab is 30/1 today (11th June).  Way down from his peak odds at 24/5/2019 when we was 7/1 – second only to Johnson.

It seems to be a very good week for Hunt and Gove is doing well, despite the cocaine stuff.

Them were the days back in May…

Odd on Raab in May 2019


We personally think that the bookies have this all wrong. I would be getting a fiver on this ASAP. 

2) Are Raab supporters not playing #Fair?

Who leaked the Gove stuff? The Metro think it knows the answer..

The book — Michael Gove: A Man In A Hurry — by Owen Bennett, recalls the incident in detail, leading to a bitter blame game for the leak among Mr Gove’s top team, with suspicion falling on Ms Armstrong.

One insider told The Mail on Sunday it ‘doesn’t take Sherlock to work out how this got out’. Another claimed Ms Armstrong had the ‘dark arts flowing through her’ and had cut her teeth as a researcher at Conservative Party HQ, digging up dirt about Labour.

Last night, Mr Raab’s team said: ‘This did not come from anyone involved in the Raab campaign. We would never look to score cheap political points like this.’

3) #Raab NDA trended on Twitter (Tues 11th June)..

Maria Miller was forced to defend Raab on the radio. Lots of people have been asking who did Raab C get to sign the #NDA? While he CAN talk about it, she can’t!

4) Raab has a lot of money to burn on Facebook ads targeting older Tory members.

Dominic Raab dropped over £50,000* on Facebook ads in the last week, just before the spending limit deadline, way more than any of his rivals.


5) Raab is STILL blocking people who share this video of him on Twitter

The future PM has famously blocked Victoria Derbyshire, LBC’s James O’Brien and, of course, us here in his constituency of Esher and Walton.

It isn’t a big problem, we just have to sign out of our account to view Raab C’s appalling attempts at social video.

But more people are joining the #BlockedByRaab club

They seem to get an instant blocking for sharing infamous foodbank video..  Can you get yourself blocked by @DominicRaab

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