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  • And saying ‘no way mate’ to NO-DEAL!   

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We are a bunch of concerned citizens based in Raab C Brexit’s constituency in Esher & Walton, in Elmbridge borough in Surrey.

This website isn’t alligned to one political party. We will support Remain candidates wherever we will find them and in whatever party. We just don’t support #Brextremists such as Raab, Johnson, Baker, Patel etc, etc.

It is Tories such as Raab who prompted Anna Soubry to state in Feb 2019:

“The right wing, the hardline anti-EU awkward squad that have destroyed every leader for the last 40 years are now running the Conservative Party from top to toe. They are the Conservative Party.”

We couldn’t agree more!



In 2017 Dim Dom enjoyed a majority of 23,298 (GE 2017), today it stands at a rather pathetic 2,743 (GE 2019). Indeed, this was the largest swing away from an incumbent during the election.

Raab’s percentage share is at 49.5% – meaning that there are more people in Esher and Walton who DIDN’T vote for him than did.

Raab’s majority is slashed in Esher and Walton


Raab was on a majority of 58.6% in Walton and Esher (GE 2017)

So Esher and Walton is regarded as being a safe Tory seat.

But we like to remind Raab that his majority, while high, is still a touch less than the 59.5% who voted to REMAIN in the EU.. This is a fact that Raab simply fails to acknowledge. This is the main reason for starting this site. We want our MP to moderate his views. 

It must be tough being Dominic or Erika when you are surrounded by Remain voters. He lives in Thames Ditton and nearby Kingston-upon-Thames voted Remain in even higher numbers than in Elmbridge.

There is everything to play for in the next General Election (whenever that may be). There are a lot of remain-supporting Conservative voters in this area, whose votes are up for grabs.


A) They will need to vote
B) They will have to decide which Remain candidate is best able to unseat Raab. It looks like that could be the Lib Dems, but Labour were second place in 2017. 

But make no mistake, Esher & Walton is very blue. It would be a massive task to unseat Raab C Brexit.

Indeed, this constituency has only been Tory is living memory and didn’t even change during the Blair era (when wealthy Guildford turned, all be it briefly, Lib Dem).

Raab’s majority was down slightly at the last election with both Labour (who are in second place) and Lib Dems (third making gains).

But such is Raab’s lead, even the combined votes of Lab and Lib Dem voters wouldn’t unseat him necessarily. But it would  involve an electoral pact between Labour, Lib Dem, Green, and possibly Change UK (if they decided to stand). We would like to see this happen.

A remain supporting Lib Dem candidate may be best placed to scoop up votes.

Esher and Walton (constituency)

What can we tell you about Esher and Walton?

Raab has been MP for Esher and Walton in Elmbridge Borough, Surrey since 2010. The place is very much commuter-belt territory and is approximately 15 miles south west of London.

Raab took over from Ian Taylor who quit during the MPs expenses scandal.

Despite the constituency being firmly within commuting distance of London (its around 30 mins on the train to Waterloo), Taylor felt it necessary to have a second property in London paid for by the tax payer. Apparently his daughter used it as place to doss, after a night out clubbing in the city (and why not!).  But Taylor’s misfortune was good news for a young aspiring rightwing Tory in his 40s.

Gin Drinkers. Jag Drivers

Esher and Walton residents are stereotyped for being quite posh. This is Surrey, after all.

However, we are surrounded by real poverty and homelessness like most other areas. The constituency is home to a number of volunteer-run food banks. Raab’s views on those who are forced to visit food banks have become well known locally.

Tory-controlled Surrey County Council Child Protection service is one of the worst in the country. In May 2018, OFTED rated it as being “inadequate” for the second time in four years.

The report stated: Children have been exposed to “chronic neglect and domestic abuse” with too many experiencing continued “harm for long periods of time before decisive protective actions are taken”.

OFTED highlighted “a large number” of children are detained in police stations overnight, without being charged due to a shortage of emergency local authority accommodation.

The local council is dominated by Tories, although unusually a residents’s society – Walton Society – also picks up votes. Walton-On-Thames is infamous for its association with a case of a murdered school girl, Milly Dowler. She went missing in 2002 on a walk home from Walton-On-Thames train station.

Famous people born in Walton include actress DameJulie Andrews.

Esher is Walton’s more upmarket neighbour and there really isn’t much more to say about it. This is very much stock broker territory and many people live here for the easy access to London via train or car. It is the kind of place where wealthier Londoners move to when they want to have kids, a garden and some peace and quiet.

Both Walton and Esher are blessed with two superb cinemas – both run by Everyman.


What are the things to do near Walton on Thames and Esher..

According to Visit Southeast England :

You’ll never be short of things to do near Walton on Thames, starting with our top five within five miles of the town.