Dover-Calais Part 2: Raab hears how Brexit will lead to an INCREASE in civil service bureaucracy

Does Dominic Raab really understand the catastrophic impact that a no-deal Brexit will have on the UK and his constituents in Esher & Walton?

In this video the ‘lightbulb’ truly goes off when he is ‘jarred’ to hear that leaving the EU may require MORE government red tape, rather than less. This must lead him to question whether leaving the EU is really such a genius move after all.

Raab is a small state Tory. His big leadership promise is to to bring tax cuts by slashing civil service jobs and by cutting Whitehall bureaucracy.

But what’s this? We may have to employ MORE people to man the borders.

The former Brexit minister who, let’s not forget negotiated a deal with the EU, which he then voted against, has form in this area.

He famously “hadn’t quite understood the full extent” to which Britain is reliant on the Dover-Calais crossing for frictionless trade.

Quite a few off us are already ahead of Raab when it comes to appreciating what a nightmare a WTO Brexit will be, including the civil service. We welcome more lightbulb moments. 

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