Get the message: Voters in Esher & Walton don’t support a Raab hard Brexit

The Surrey Advertiser, the local paper covering Elmbridge, had a particularly jaw-dropping  front page splash this week.

While constituents in Esher & Walton are having Halloween nightmares about a hard Brexit. The removal of that question mark (long may it stay in place), is enough to keep anyone awake at night.

In this picture, the Esher & Walton MP looks like a Raaaaabbit caught in the headlights. But what could have caused such shock? Well, he’s just seen the EU election results for Elmbridge:

The ‘Bollocks To Brexit’ Lib Dems romped home to victory with 16,410 votes in the EU Elections

The Tories managed a pathetic 5,130. 

While he will no doubt blame his old boss May (he has form in this area), a wise Raab would consider that the top Pro-Remain parties – Lib Dems, Greens, and Change UK – got a grand total of just over 23,000 votes.

Easily beating the combined efforts of the Brexit Party (11,648) and other pro-Brexit parties. 

In the past Raab C has taken his safe Tory seat for granted, but at the next GE he may actually have to do something extraordinary – actually bother to campaign.

But Raab would love to be made PM,
Drive through a hard Brexit,
Preferably NOT call a General Election anytime soon.

Surely, Tory members will view this as completely anti-democratic? 

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