How did Elmbridge vote in the EU Referendum?

Elmbridge in Surrey, which contains Raab’s constituency of Esher & Walton, voted 59.5% to Remain in the EU. However, you won’t hear ultra-Brexiteer Raab admit this publicly.

We simply want some recognition of this fact from Raab and for him to drop the pretence that he somehow represents the views of hard-working people in Walton on Thames or Esher.

Obviously, the results of the EU referendum weren’t counted by parliamentary constituency, so we don’t know for sure how constituencies voted (see explanation by Full Fact)

Elmbridge voted to Remain by some margin.

Nearby Woking and Guildford were both on 56.2% for Remain. 

For context Gibraltar has the most Remain voters (95.9%), followed by Lambeth (78.6%). 

All data from BBC News 

So you were in the minority who voted for Brexit in Elmbridge?

Well, did you specifically vote No-Deal?

If not, your vote has been highjacked by the Rt. Hon member of Walton & Esher. He PROMISED he could get a very good deal. He didn’t say that we would crash out without a deal, taking the UK to the cliff edge.

  • Raab has stated if he becomes PM we will leave in October – deal or, most likely, no-deal.
  • Raab claims to believe in Parliamentary sovereignty 
  • But he has said that if Parliament opposes no deal, he will IGNORE their wishes.


Raab claims that he will try to negotiate a better deal with the EU, but he totally failed to do this as Brexit Secretary.

Who says he will manage this a second time around?