How did Raab Vote on Brexit?

May made a few disastrous decisions as PM. One was calling for a General Election in 2017. Boy, must she regret that!

Her second worst decision was obviously appointing Raab C Brexit as Brexit Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. You are asking the guy to represent Britain at the top table in the EU and negotiate a deal???

Needless to say it was a disaster. He was appointed in July 2018 and within four months he had gone. Even Raab’s friend, mentor and fellow Brexiter, David Davis, lasted longer in the job.

He blasted his bosses deal, something he had help negotiate, as being utterly terrible and promptly resigned.

Since then he has made a career of angering the 59.5% in Elmbridge by:

  • Rebelled againgst the government – Voted consistently against May’s deal* (*until the last reading)
  • Opposed taking the disastrous ‘no deal’ off the table (Thanks to Labour and many moderate Tories – this was removed). 
  • Opposed to delaying the withdrawl to leave i.e. giving Parliament more time to come to an agreement. 


Raab’s record

On social issues -Almost always voted against laws to promote equality and human rights