How feminist are the Tory leadership candidates, really? asks Stylist magazine

For those that don’t know, Stylist magazine isn’t exactly the Daily Telegraph. Indeed, their readerships couldn’t be more different.

The Telegraph may be the most well-read newspaper among Tory members, which, as we now know are made up mostly of white, old, men.

Interestingly, it has shown in recent times an increasing bent to support Raab C over BoJo..

But the Stylist is the opposite. Young, female and much more progressive….indeed, they are the future. While Telegraph readers are the past..

It has not gone unnoticed that the Alan B’Stard wannabe hasn’t been backing the feminist cause.

It writes:

Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Jeremy Hunt, Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid, Matthew Hancock and James Cleverly are the eight candidates to nail their colours to the mast this way. Opponents Esther McVey, Kit Malthouse and Mark Harper have so far refrained from commenting.

In fact, just one of the Tory leadership candidates – former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab – has explicitly said that he isn’t a feminist.

Stylist rightly called out BoJo for his comments about Muslim women, although as mayor he did quadruple the number of rape crisis centres.

So what about Raab?

It states:

He has said that the Government Equalities Office – where policy relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality is developed – should be abolished, describing it as “pointless”.

Since throwing his hat into the ring for the top job, Raab has refused to backpedal on his stance, though he has tried to soften it somewhat. He told ITV News that he was “probably not” a feminist, adding: “The point I was making is that sexism is wrong and it’s wrong if it’s said about a woman or about a man… I’m all for working women making the very best of their potential.”

We think the readers of Stylist magazine have got the measure of Raab. Sadly, we doubt many are Tory members or MPs

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