I’m Domnic Raab and you don’t need to know I represent a Remain constituency..

Here at RaabWatch towers we always like to remind our MP that a whopping 59.5% Elmbridge-ites (the good folk of Elmbridge, Surrey) want to REMAIN in the EU. Yet we’ve never heard Raab publicly acknowledge this fact.

We don’t want WTO, we don’t want to drive anywhere near the infamous ‘cliff edge’ and nor do we want an MP who is prepared to risk local jobs.

Would Raab be such a Brexiter if, say, he was an MP representing Lambeth (78.6% Remain)?


Would he be so keen on NO DEAL if he lived in Gibraltar (95.9%)?

Just before the May EU elections Raab had Tory volunteers post out the election leaflet [above].

The staggering thing is that it only goes to highlight he little he has actually done for the people of Walton & Esher.

Raab states:

“I am confident that the UK and British people have the economic strength, innovation and potential to manage the short-term risks..” and how he felt compelled to resign as Brexit minister “as a matter of principle”. yet ignoring the fact he  failed to get a proper deal with the EU (while humiliating May in the process).

But there is just one thing that doesn’t get a mention in his propaganda ….

Namely that nearly 60% of constituents don’t want Brexit.. and they would rather vote Lib Dem (in May EU elections) than Tory…

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