In “fairness” Raab is a bit crap at social media

If you believe the rumours in The Times, Raab has been taken lessons in ‘authenticity.’ Now out of the classroom, Raab’s had a chance to put theory into practice…needless to say it hasn’t gone well..

Theory: Learning to be authentic…




Create a meaningless ‘Pledge’ – please play fair (except when attacking Labour) 

Good guy Dominic Raab has signed the Dominic Raab Pledge to be fair to his other candidates. But he only managed to get two other candidates to sign, interestingly both Remainers.  Boris didn’t sign (or was he even invited by Raab?) implying that perhaps Boris won’t be playing “fair” .


We find it slightly rich that Raab won’t “speak ill of fellow Conservatives”. Yet he wouldn’t stoop so low to bring the memory of his late father, a Jewish refugee, into the gutter with him when he attacked Corbyn on anti-semitism in a social media video (30/5/19)?

Would he? The attack video doesn’t hold back and its personal. It is surely a new low in political campaigning?



Film a social media video in the park about… FAIRNESS!

Here we see Raab in his natural environment, playing in a park outside Parliament. He wants to talk to us about “fairness” which he has (apparently) been fighting for all his “working life.” Hmm…..

But something caught his eye just before filming, that seemed to distract him. Whatever it was it seriously buggered up the start of the video… I would have gone for a re-take.

Was it pesky grey squirrel running up a tree?

Or was it BoJo stealing an ice cream from a small child (NOT FAIR!)

Twitter was alive with debate about what the distraction could be… 

“Now take your ball and fuck off, I’m trying to make a video.”

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