Raab isn’t the most extreme Brextreemist, we stand corrected

Dominic Raab ISN’T the most extreme Brexit-supporting Tory leadership contender. Can you believe it?

The award for the most extreme Brextreemist goes to [drum roll, please]… jointly, Steve Baker AND Priti Patel. They get 6/6 for opposing May and No Deal at every vote.

But while Priti co-authored the legendary Britannia Unchained is seen as part of the new young, new Tory right, alongside Raab C Brexit, she isn’t actually standing as Tory leader [yet]. Neither is Steve Baker [double yet]. It is surprising as some would say only a hardcore Brexit or bust believer will win among the Tory membership.

Rabb has blotted his Brexit credentials with the ERG and the Leave.EU campaign group because:


  • Initially supported May’s Chequers deal – tish! tish! 
  • Flip-flopped by voting to support May in Meaningful Vote III. A cynical move, which he claims was done only so the UK could leave in March. 

BoJo and Johnson is on 5/6, according to the data from Leave.EU his lost that one point for supporting Meaningful Vote Three.

While Raab obviously would take the UK off the cliff edge, there are some candidates who have said they won’t be doing this and would only leave with a deal.

So Hunt, Hancock, Javid or Stewart are sounding the most moderate, although we can’t remember if any have come out for a Confirmatory Referendum on the Brexit deal? This is obviously something that changes day by day (in the case of Hunt!).

The data was produced by Leave.EU and appeared on Peston (29/5/19)… the more Green ticks the most extreme Brexit. The more red crosses the least extreme. 






I’m Domnic Raab and you don’t need to know I represent a Remain constituency..

Here at RaabWatch towers we always like to remind our MP that a whopping 59.5% Elmbridge-ites (the good folk of Elmbridge, Surrey) want to REMAIN in the EU. Yet we’ve never heard Raab publicly acknowledge this fact.

We don’t want WTO, we don’t want to drive anywhere near the infamous ‘cliff edge’ and nor do we want an MP who is prepared to risk local jobs.

Would Raab be such a Brexiter if, say, he was an MP representing Lambeth (78.6% Remain)?


Would he be so keen on NO DEAL if he lived in Gibraltar (95.9%)?

Just before the May EU elections Raab had Tory volunteers post out the election leaflet [above].

The staggering thing is that it only goes to highlight he little he has actually done for the people of Walton & Esher.

Raab states:

“I am confident that the UK and British people have the economic strength, innovation and potential to manage the short-term risks..” and how he felt compelled to resign as Brexit minister “as a matter of principle”. yet ignoring the fact he  failed to get a proper deal with the EU (while humiliating May in the process).

But there is just one thing that doesn’t get a mention in his propaganda ….

Namely that nearly 60% of constituents don’t want Brexit.. and they would rather vote Lib Dem (in May EU elections) than Tory…


Brextremist’s tax cuts ridiculed by sensible Hammond

Raab has pledged on Monday night to cut 1p off the basic rate of income tax to woo the Tory selectorate, with a view to ultimately reducing it to 15 per cent.

But the treasury has said this will cost the government £25 billion!! Hammond accused the Brextremist of “Writing cheques the country cannot afford.

He has attacked Dominic Raab for proposing to “undo a decade of hard work”




PM Raab could take UK off cliff edge and Parliament wouldn’t be able to stop him

Raab said he would NOT request an extension on the October Brexit departure date and said the UK would leave without a deal.

Announcing his leadership bid on Marr (26/5/19), the Brextremist stated that the UK will leave in October, deal or no deal.

He states he would ignore the wishes of Parliament who have consistently voted against no deal. So much for believing in Parliamentary sovereignty!

He told Marr:

 “Parliament cannot legislate either against no deal or in favour of an extension…You can’t ignore law and we leave at the end of October” 

Minutes later Hammond, on the same show, warned both Raab and BoJo of the dire consequences to the UK economy of a no deal Brexit. He added: “There is no mandate for a no deal exit.” A clear hijacking of the result.

So what did we learn from the Marr interview?

  • He claims he can get a better deal on the Irish backstop, but he can’t. The EU has stated repeatedly, it won’t move.
  • Raab says by being “absolutely resolute a way we weren’t last time” it will get through. Good luck with that one! 
  • “Be prepared to walk away” with no deal is his main bargaining chip. 
  • Can’t escape the he was Brexit Secretary and failed to negotiate a deal first time around.  
  • Raab blames his boss, rather than taking responsibility himself. Says he was undermined by “some others in government”. 
  • Said we should have left in March with no deal, to keep a promise to the 52% who voted Leave. He assumes the 52% voted for a NO DEAL Brexit.  
  • He voted for May’s deal, despite him previously saying it was worse than staying in the EU, only because it would have meant we didn’t have to extend the deal further. 
  • He’s a ‘details guy’. A less than subtle attack on BoJo. 
  • Will IGNORE Parliament, if they express a view against No Deal Brexit. “I will not ask for an extension” to the October date. Happy to drive the UK off the cliff edge. 

Raab is clearly positioning himself to the right of his main rival Johnson.

Despite fears about the economy post-Brexit, it didn’t stop him promising cuts in income tax. To be paid for by cutting Whitehall bureaucracy, he claims. Presumably not by raising taxes elsewhere or cutting funding to the NHS or schools?

Sources: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/dominic-raab-no-deal-brexit-tory-leadership-conservative-party-prime-minister-boris-johnson-a8930771.html



Can we ban Dominic Raab from watching Game of Thrones?

Johnny Marr once told David Cameron to stop liking The Smiths. Today, the wonderful Maisie Williams may wish to ban Raab C Brexit  from supporting her character.


In a tweet on Monday (14th April 19) he hinted at his ambitions to seize the top job.

Referring to the TV programme Game of Thrones, he said he was rooting for Arya Stark, who is regarded as a popular outsider in the battle to rule the kingdom of Westeros.

“I’m not alone in backing Arya. It’s never the favourite,” Mr Raab said.

Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab on manoeuvres in case of snap leadership election

Stop trying to be cool by talking about Games of Thrones. 


Raab views and votes

Raab views are those of a libertarian Conservative – he believes in a small state, cutting benefits and regulations including environmental protection and worker’s rights.  In a room full of Tories, you will find him to the the right, in a corner with David Davis (his mentor) and his ERG mates.

There are a few things that everyone should know about Raab:

He has infamously said:

  • That funding the NHS properly is a “childish wishlist”
  • That foodbank users have a “cashflow problem”
  • He doesn’t believe in “economic and social rights”
  • He wants to allow companies to be able to sack people more easily
  • Feminists are “obnoxious bigots”

Against the Human Rights Act 

Dominic Raab voted against largely retaining the EU “Charter of Fundamental Rights” as part of UK law following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Dominic Raab voted in favour of repealing the Human Rights Act 1998

Voted to remove the duty on the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to work to support the development of a society where people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination and there is respect for human rights.

Housing benefit reductions: 

Dominic Raab voted to keep the penalty for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms and against freezing energy bills.

Dominic Raab voted in favour of reducing housing benefit for those deemed to have excess bedrooms.

Keeping benefits low

Dominic Raab voted to set the rate of increase of certain benefits, payments and tax credits at 1% rather than in line with prices at 2.2% for 2014 and 2015

Benefit claiments who are sick and disabled

Dominic Raab voted for cuts in housing benefit for recipients in supported housing.

Dominic Raab voted for cuts in housing benefit for recipients in supported housing.

Dominic Raab voted against those who have been ill or disabled since their youth recieving Employment and Support Allowance on the same basis as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions to qualify for a contribution based allowance.

Jobs for young people 

Dominic Raab voted against a range of economic policies including raising the minimum wage, reintroducing a 10% starting rate of income tax and boosting the supply of housing.

Voted against introducing a tax on bank bonuses to guarantee a job for 100,000 young people and build 25,000 affordable homes; against making investment sooner; against reducing VAT, and against a tax break for small firms taking on extra workers.


Dominic Raab voted against reducing the amount of income a NHS foundation trust is permitted to make from private patients.

Generally voted against measures to prevent climate change

Generally voted for lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles

Why libertarian?

He is hater or government red tape, such as important environmental protections.

Much like his mentor David Davis, he normally opposes things like state snooping and interference in personal liberties.

He believes in reform of the House of Lords – Dominic Raab voted in favour of reforming the House of Lords, introducing 15 year terms for most members and introducing an elected element.

He votes for Equal gay rights and for marriage between two people of the same sex.




Dominic Raab – voting record on UK leaving EU

Dominic Raab has been hard at work representing his constituents in Esher and Walton by voting AGAINST  his government on the EU Brexit deal that he, himself, helped to negotiate on behalf of the British government. 

Here at RaabWatch towers we’re not great fans of the deal that Mr. Raab helped to negotiate either.  He also voted AGAINST taking the disastrous ‘No Deal’ off the table, along with his pals in the ERG.


Brexiters often claim they wish to bring back parliamentary sovereignty, yet Raab has also voted AGAINST allowing MPs to vote to block leaving the EU without a deal.

Luckily, the majority of MPs realise that No Deal will be an utter disaster and the infamous ‘cliff-edge’ was avoided.

Who would have though the #Brextremist would betray the views of the majority in his own constituents so badly? We deserve an explanation!

Raab’s on the UK leaving the EU:

  • Has voted AGAINST the Brexit deal that he was involved negotiating as Brexit minister (July-Nov 2018), thus shafting the person who appointed him, Theresa May.

  • Voted to LEAVE the European Union on the 12th of April 2019 without a withdrawal agreement / i.e. allowing for NO DEAL 

  • Voted AGAINST Remaining in the common market  and seeking temporary custom’s union

  • Voted AGAINST Allowing MPs to vote on a series of next steps

  • Voted AGAINST allowing MPs to vote on a No Deal Brexit or request an extension should the UK come within 7 days of leaving the EU without a deal.

  • Voted AGAINST a permanent and comprehensive United Kingdom-wide customs union with the European Union.

  • Voted AGAINST a  UK-wide Customs Union with the EU (aka soft Brexit)

  • Voted AGAINST  a public vote to confirm any withdrawal agreement (confirmatory referendum)

  • Voted AGAINST – Power of MPs to block leaving with a no-deal


The rights to remain for EU nationals in the UK:

  • Voted to confirm the rights of Irish citizens to enter and remain in the UK without permission but to otherwise make European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss nationals, and their family members, subject to UK immigration controls.

  • Voted AGAINST guaranteeing EU derived rights, and the potential to acquire residency rights, for EU and EEA citizens legally resident in the UK.

  • Voted AGAINST seeking to protect the residence rights of citizens of the European Union and their family members who were lawfully resident in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016.

Just a reminder quick reminder Mr Raab, your constituents voted to REMAIN in the EU. Just saying!

Swot up on Raab’s Voting Record – TheyWorkForYou – Dominic Raab 


What does Raab’s home ‘library’ tell us about his political ambitions?

We got a glimpse into how the MP for Esher & Walton ‘chillaxes’ at his home in Thames Ditton. Unlike Cameron, who famously devoured his way through box sets of DVDs on a Saturday with Samantha, Raab likes to read. This is because he is educated okay, unlike us plebs here at Raab Watch. 

Some cynics on Twitter questioned the careful positioning of the books during the interview on the BBC News channel (29th March 2019), but its quite natural to have books placed in such a precise way. Our only thought is that is must make opening those blinds a little tricky.

But ‘nine books does not a library make’ warned HuffPo. Here at Raab Watch towers we have ten books on our windowsill. Just like Raab, we don’t believe in having shelves either.

So what does Raab’s reading tell us about his political ambitions?

We can tell that Raab is clearly very, very, well educated. He is well read, if not as red as Jeremy Corbyn.

But he’s no fan of fiction. Rather than enjoying the latest Harry Potter, he prefers to read autobiographies of political leaders.

Nixon: A Life by Jonathan Aitken.

Interesting choice! This suggests that Raab may view Nixon (aka Tricky Dicky) as a role model for his own political career.  It also suggests that he is admirer of Jonathan Aitken, the disgraced former Tory cabinet minister and jailbird who in 1999 was convicted of perjury.

If Raab is taking political tips from either Nixon, or even worse, Aitken – we have a serious problem!

Check out my books.

One reviewer on Amazon states:

Who better than Jonathan Aitken to write a biography of Richard Nixon? Aitken is a British conservative who ended up in jail for lying to cover up his shady dealing.


Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals by Niall Ferguson

Top of the pile, suggesting that Raab has been browsing it just before the interview,  is Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals by Niall Ferguson.

A genuinely fascinating text, it looks at alternative histories. Chapters include: Hitler’s Britain: What if German’s had invaded Britain in 1940?

But there are a few chapters we would suggest to Ferguson as an update for the next edition:

Brexit: What is Cameron hadn’t been so daft to call a referendum?

Article 50: What if PM May decided to revoke it?

The book also doesn’t predict whether an MP in his 40s from Esher & Walton in Surrey will ever make it to 10 Downing Street. We really want to know the answer to this. 

Historian Niall Ferguson is super bright and is a fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. Raab is marginally less intellectual. He is an MP who doesn’t realise the impotance of Calais and Dover in international trade.

Morrissey once attempted to ‘ban’ Cameron from liking his music. We wonder whether the great historian will do the same to Raab?

Total Racall by Arnold Schwarzenegger

If Virtual History is a bit heavyweight, Total Racall the autobiography of former Republican governor Arnie ‘I’ll Be Back’ Schwarzenegger, may provide some light relief.

The Express newspaper stated:

‘His autobiography is a classic reworking of the American dream: dream hard, work hard, aim high, let no one stand in your way.’

Raab will no doubt seek to copy Arnie’s political success.

He will seek to:

  • Kill off his Tory rivals – Johnson and Gove (metaphorically speaking). 
  • Then ‘terminate’ PM May’s leadership.
  • Last, but not least, he  move on to ruling the world! (Free from the regulation of EU bureaucrats in Brussels, who he so despises.) 

The only problem here is that Raab will need to go to the gym a little more, if he is to match the physique of his action movie hero.



Raab is the least popular Tory leadership contender among Tory MPs on Twitter

Raab came to social media rather late and is rather ‘Johnny no mates’ at least among his fellow MPs.  

In an interesting piece of research by Politico.EU, it found David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Tom Watson are the most influential Tweeters in Westminster. 579 MPs have Twitter accounts and David Cameron was 307 MPs, Ed Miliband (306) and Tom Watson (304).

Dominic Rabb was the least loved “potential” Tory leadership contender. We say “potential” – of course he is going to go for it! Here at Raab Towers we have a bet on him winning! However, this may have been unwise as just 104 MPs follow Raab on Twitter (perhaps he has blocked a few remainers in his party?). Boris Johnson is the moved followed Tory MP among fellow Tories and maybe the most influential.