PM Raab could take UK off cliff edge and Parliament wouldn’t be able to stop him

Raab said he would NOT request an extension on the October Brexit departure date and said the UK would leave without a deal.

Announcing his leadership bid on Marr (26/5/19), the Brextremist stated that the UK will leave in October, deal or no deal.

He states he would ignore the wishes of Parliament who have consistently voted against no deal. So much for believing in Parliamentary sovereignty!

He told Marr:

 “Parliament cannot legislate either against no deal or in favour of an extension…You can’t ignore law and we leave at the end of October” 

Minutes later Hammond, on the same show, warned both Raab and BoJo of the dire consequences to the UK economy of a no deal Brexit. He added: “There is no mandate for a no deal exit.” A clear hijacking of the result.

So what did we learn from the Marr interview?

  • He claims he can get a better deal on the Irish backstop, but he can’t. The EU has stated repeatedly, it won’t move.
  • Raab says by being “absolutely resolute a way we weren’t last time” it will get through. Good luck with that one! 
  • “Be prepared to walk away” with no deal is his main bargaining chip. 
  • Can’t escape the he was Brexit Secretary and failed to negotiate a deal first time around.  
  • Raab blames his boss, rather than taking responsibility himself. Says he was undermined by “some others in government”. 
  • Said we should have left in March with no deal, to keep a promise to the 52% who voted Leave. He assumes the 52% voted for a NO DEAL Brexit.  
  • He voted for May’s deal, despite him previously saying it was worse than staying in the EU, only because it would have meant we didn’t have to extend the deal further. 
  • He’s a ‘details guy’. A less than subtle attack on BoJo. 
  • Will IGNORE Parliament, if they express a view against No Deal Brexit. “I will not ask for an extension” to the October date. Happy to drive the UK off the cliff edge. 

Raab is clearly positioning himself to the right of his main rival Johnson.

Despite fears about the economy post-Brexit, it didn’t stop him promising cuts in income tax. To be paid for by cutting Whitehall bureaucracy, he claims. Presumably not by raising taxes elsewhere or cutting funding to the NHS or schools?

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