Raab is the least popular Tory leadership contender among Tory MPs on Twitter

Raab came to social media rather late and is rather ‘Johnny no mates’ at least among his fellow MPs.  

In an interesting piece of research by Politico.EU, it found David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Tom Watson are the most influential Tweeters in Westminster. 579 MPs have Twitter accounts and David Cameron was 307 MPs, Ed Miliband (306) and Tom Watson (304).

Dominic Rabb was the least loved “potential” Tory leadership contender. We say “potential” – of course he is going to go for it! Here at Raab Towers we have a bet on him winning! However, this may have been unwise as just 104 MPs follow Raab on Twitter (perhaps he has blocked a few remainers in his party?). Boris Johnson is the moved followed Tory MP among fellow Tories and maybe the most influential.

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