Raab isn’t the most extreme Brextreemist, we stand corrected

Dominic Raab ISN’T the most extreme Brexit-supporting Tory leadership contender. Can you believe it?

The award for the most extreme Brextreemist goes to [drum roll, please]… jointly, Steve Baker AND Priti Patel. They get 6/6 for opposing May and No Deal at every vote.

But while Priti co-authored the legendary Britannia Unchained is seen as part of the new young, new Tory right, alongside Raab C Brexit, she isn’t actually standing as Tory leader [yet]. Neither is Steve Baker [double yet]. It is surprising as some would say only a hardcore Brexit or bust believer will win among the Tory membership.

Rabb has blotted his Brexit credentials with the ERG and the Leave.EU campaign group because:


  • Initially supported May’s Chequers deal – tish! tish! 
  • Flip-flopped by voting to support May in Meaningful Vote III. A cynical move, which he claims was done only so the UK could leave in March. 

BoJo and Johnson is on 5/6, according to the data from Leave.EU his lost that one point for supporting Meaningful Vote Three.

While Raab obviously would take the UK off the cliff edge, there are some candidates who have said they won’t be doing this and would only leave with a deal.

So Hunt, Hancock, Javid or Stewart are sounding the most moderate, although we can’t remember if any have come out for a Confirmatory Referendum on the Brexit deal? This is obviously something that changes day by day (in the case of Hunt!).

The data was produced by Leave.EU and appeared on Peston (29/5/19)… the more Green ticks the most extreme Brexit. The more red crosses the least extreme. 





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