Raab would have backed a 2nd Referendum ..if REMAIN had won

Dominic Raab claims he backs businesses in Esher & Walton, yet seems oblivious to the economic catastrophe of a WTO Brexit.

Back in June 2016 a Leave win wasn’t by any means certain. And poor Raab C was preparing himself for defeat.

In the article  “Demands for a second referendum will dominate the Tory leadership contest to replace David Cameron if Leave loses on June 23,  (Daily Mail 9/6/16) he states that should the UK choose to remain in the EU, he would demand a 2ND REF TO BE HELD!

Although being pragmatic politician, the earliest you would get away with holding it would be 2020…

‘I think the sensible thing, if it’s very close, within a couple of points, would be to take pause, respect the verdict of the British people and effectively shelve this debate until that point, which I hope is going to be as close to the 2020 election as possible.

‘Take some pause for breath and measure up the direction of the EU against the changes the Remain campaign say they’ve secured.

‘I think the public would expect us to accept their verdict, but of course things change.’

‘If the verdict is to stay in the EU, and it’s close, I think those that do want to revisit it should just pause for a few years and shelve it into that.’

In the same article, Raab ponders how quickly Brexiters  in the Tory party would be able to remove Cameron (as it was assumed that Remain would win).

This is further evidence that Dominic would never ever consider folding, if the UK voted to Remain in the UK. So Raab must understand that Remain supporters in Esher & Walton won’t be stopping any time soon either.

So this is rare occasion where we AGREE with Raab.

Let’s have a 2nd Referendum in 2020… after all the result was, to use Raab’s words, “within a couple of points”

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