Vote Lab and Get Raab in Esher, Cobham, Walton-On-Thames and Molesey

Here at RaabWatch towers in the heart of Esher & Walton constituency we occasionally like a little “flutter”. However, we always bet responsibly. 

And even we’re not CRAZY enough to put money on Labour winning in Esher and Walton at 50:1, even though our humble fiver would rake us a cool £250!

Seriously, we were hoping that Labour would stand aside, like the Greens have, as part of the Remain Alliance. Raab has always relied on the fact he can split the vote here between Labour, Lib Dems and a few Greens.

But Esher and Walton Labour Party, in their wisdom, appointed a paper candidate last week. It is Peter Ashurst. However, the first weekend of campaigning didn’t get off to a great start. Indeed, he hasn’t started. Ashurst went to see women’s football at Wembley! In fairness, this did look very cool.

While Ashurst was at the footie, Harding was busy knocking on doors after a rally with supporters in Esher – proving that the Lib Dems are SERIOUS about taking on Raab

Even Dim Dom himself was spotted by our RaabWatch spies door-knocking near Hampton Court. It is clear Raab is rattled by the surge in support for Monica Harding, as at the last general election he barely campaigned.

The betting is mixed for Harding though. Odds are in the region of 4/1.  While Labour are completely out of the race, Raab STILL has the lead.

Labour supporters in Esher and Walton need to realise that a Vote for Lab means you GET RAAB! A vote for Monica Harding COULD make all the difference 

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